Can the Conexx Group deliver buildings across Europe? 
Yes. Please contact our dealer to obtain information about your area.


What are the buildings made of?
Conexx buildings are constructed from steel that fully complies with European standards.


How safe is the structure?
Our buildings are secured with bolts and nuts. In traditional structures, nail joints remain loose because timber frames are subject to shrinkage and local deformations. Steel does not deform or shrink, and its properties do not change with time, so the joints always remain secure.


How much will it cost to deliver a building to my premises?
The shipping costs are included in the price specified in the offer, unless the client wishes otherwise. When arranging the delivery, we make every effort to load our vehicles with components in a way that ensures their delivery to the client in order of assembly, and to reduce the number of delivery vehicles to the required minimum. If the client does not accept our shipping schedule (e.g. owing to the shortage of space at the premises), the delivery times may be rescheduled but an additional fee will apply.


Is the steelwork painted or galvanised?
Steel frames are protected with painted or galvanised coating. We cover the frames with paint produced by Zandleeven Coatings BV, a leading manufacturer of high-performance protective coatings for steel. It is covered by a 5-year full guarantee.


Can I choose the colour of the paint for my building?
Yes. You can select one of the colours from the RAL system. Steel wall panels and processed parts are galvanised and then coated with paint.


Are the buildings insulated?
In our offer, there are many types of buildings to choose from. Our technicians will help you decide which type of insulation will be appropriate for your type of building.


Can I add doors and windows to my building?
Yes. Our buildings can be designed to the client's specific requirements as regards the positioning of doors, windows, skylights, etc. Our sales representatives will help you design the building that you need.


How long will it take to deliver the building to my premises?
Each building is designed individually for the client, so delivery times vary from project to project. Once they know your expectations, our sales representatives may be able to offer you a better delivery date.


Will my building comply with construction regulations and snow and rain load requirements in force in my area?
Every Conexx building is designed in compliance with locally applicable construction regulations and snow and rain load requirements. We will design your building in accordance with the local building code, and will provide you with drawings stamped and signed by one of our engineers.


Who will erect my building?
Many of our clients erect their buildings on their own because Conexx delivers simple and clear erection drawings and an operation manual together with the building. However, if you prefer to have the building erected by somebody else, we have an efficient team to do it for you. We will be happy to put you in contact with this team.


Conexx construction systems offer quality, strength and reasonably priced services aligned to your needs. Call us today, send us an enquiry form or visit our website to learn about our special prices.