Main prize in the Eurozagroda competition

We are thrilled to announce that we received the main prize in the Eurozagroda competition, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development under the auspices of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland (IARP) and the Institute of Technology and Nature (ITP).


A building delivered by Conexx earned us the main prize in the LIVESTOCK BUILDINGS category of the Eurozagroda competition.


As emphasised by Jacek Fąfara, the Secretary of the Jury and the chief editor of the BUDOROL web service, the prize-winning building deserves a special place on the Polish map of model agricultural buildings and will inspire farmers making new investments.




The criteria for selecting the winner included: best choice of infrastructure, best quality/price ratio, environment inside the building, economically intelligent choice of materials, and other factors such as fire-resistance and ecology.




The significance of this competition is best highlighted by the fact that the organisers received 20 thousand entries with planning permissions issued in 2011. This makes us even more delighted to receive this prestigious award.




Business Gazelle 


Gazele Biznesu 2008

In December 2008 Puls Biznesu – the only Polish daily newspaper writing solely about business – prepared the ninth consecutive business ranking: "Gazele Biznesu 2008".


For this purpose, 25 thousand profit and loss statements were analysed against two main criteria: financial result confirming a dynamic growth and certified credibility. The jury evaluated 2005-2007 financial results and the candidates were required to report a constant growth in turnover and remain profitable.



In the end, 4,104 companies qualified as business gazelles, and Conexx Sp. z. o.o was one of them!




The certificate confirms our leading position in the ranking and our membership of the elite Business Gazelle Club that groups together the most dynamically growing companies.




Transparent Company

Przejrzysta firma 


Conexx Sp. z o.o. also received a certificate of Transparent Company (“Przejrzysta Firma”). 



Dun and Bradstreet Poland together with its partner Getin Bank began awarding Transparent Company certificates on 3 March 2008. Receiving this recognition confirms our financial integrity and increases our prestige and competitiveness on the market.