Conexx Company

Conexx Company

I have often asked myself: “What is the key solution in the construction industry that brings about a successful building design and client satisfaction?” And the answer must be: professional know-how!


We have managed to apply our extensive experience, gained on the European market by covering thousands of square metres of floor surfaces with steel structures, to all our activities within the companies of the Conexx Group. Today, we are able to come up with solutions to even the most challenging projects we are faced with. 

Know-how is a prerequisite for a successful international business. Apart from the technical and operational knowledge, it is crucial to adapt your product to additional requirements defined in legislatures of particular countries, to various climatic conditions, and even to cultural differences – all of these need to be carefully considered.


The qualified and enthusiastic Conexx Group personnel give our clients the confidence that everyday tasks are completed with the most sophisticated and reliable methods available in the construction industry.


Being certain of our ability to overcome even the wildest challenges imposed by the state-of-the-art production, warehousing, business and industrial needs, I am pleased to introduce you, on these web pages, to the Conexx Product Line and to the programmes developed with the greatest professional know-how there is.


Jan de Keizer