From plan


Every project starts with planning. The initial work is a very important stage in the project, and we would like to be involved in it from the very beginning. Close cooperation at that point will pay off by avoiding unnecessary difficulties with the building design.



Once the order is signed, the project will be passed to our planning team. The team divides the project into constituent parts, each part managed by a specialist in the field. The process begins with our architectural team, and then moves to production, logistics and, finally, to assembly. A carefully planned project is half the battle! 







A well-executed project is the result of accurately aligned logistics and work schedule. They must match perfectly. Particular stages of construction work require particular materials. No delivery or late delivery of components always brings additional costs.


Good initial planning of the construction process saves time and reduces staff costs, benefitting both the investor and the contractor. Saving time means saving money!



A fine-tuned product



Our construction teams consist of experienced and motivated professionals. Conexx Project Leaders visit assembly locations, and regularly produce reports, review plans and make necessary changes to work methods and delivery schedules.

A well-organised assembly location and a motivated work team means a high-quality end product and customer satisfaction. 

All the above stages combined constitute our PROFESSIONAL KNOW-HOW – something we are proud of at Conexx.